News from Nordic ShoePeople

News from Nordic ShoePeople

Something that the best thing about entering the new year is that we receive all the new items we have been looking forward to. It's been almost a year since we placed the order, and now it's a reality. Now the new fine things are landing, and we are slowly entering a new wonderful season. Spring is knocking on the door soon, and one of the things we have been looking forward to is them new shoes from Nordic ShoePeople

T-strap shoes frida 22 from Nordic Shoepeople at Mondo Kaos

If you, like most of us, have gone for a little more walks than usual, you will probably have found yourself appreciating comfortable shoes even more than usual. And that's just what Nordic Shoe People can make; shoes with comfort in the forefront without compromising on a beautiful look.


We have now had Nordic Shoe People for quite a few years, and our love for their retro inspired shoes is growing and growing. At the same time, we have had a super good collaboration with the sweet people behind the brand. For those of you who are not already familiar with the brand, we can briefly tell you that these are Danish designed shoes in high quality, and the production takes place at a small factory in Spain. 

We are always a bit skeptical / reluctant when trying a new brand. Quality, style and fit must be tip top so they match our other range in the store. 

That's why we always test new products to make sure they are perfect for Mondo Kaos.  

The retro inspired shoes are great for boats pants, skirt og dresses - it is only you who sets the limit. We are absolutely sure that you will LOVE Nordic Shoe People! That is why this season we have expanded the range with three new styles.


frida 21 is the classic lace-up shoe but with a good heel height, which makes the shoe perfect for you who want it a comfortable shoe, but is not for sneakers. The shoe has a deep neckline at the front, which the laces are laced over, so the shoe is extremely feminine and stylish. 

It sits beautifully around the foot, and is on the side nicely cut in an arch that goes below the ankle bone, which gives the shoes a light look and makes them good also for those who usually avoid this type of shoe due to wider ankles. Also the thin and tight-fitting laces give the shoe a lighter look than the normal lace-up shoe. 

Their retro look will fit perfectly your wide pants or vintage dresses. Style it with a unique sock and it's so cool. Perfect all year round. 

Retro lace-up shoes in black suede from Nordic Shoepeople
Frida lace-up shoes in brown suede


When we first got Nordic Shoe People in the store, we tried the shoes on and had no doubt that these shoes were absolutely amazing. Firstly, their shoes are made of the softest suede or leather - this makes it comfortable for the feet even if you are a little wide-footed, as they almost shape to your foot. Besides that, the shoe is "padded" ie. that it has a soft insert as well as a heel height where everyone can join. We usually call ours shoes from Nordic ShoePeople - the perfect travel shoes. (When you had to) 

Swing dress with sleeves from Heart Of Haute

The alternative to sneakers and flat shoes

Both Stine and Line happily say that they have both been on a city break and trotted up and down the street in these shoes. Especially Stine, is not the big sneaker girl - and likes to wear nice shoes even though she is on holiday. She says: 

“The perfect thing about Nordic ShoePeople is that you can put them on from home, trot around for several hours without feeling anything on sore feet, despite the fact that you have a shoe with a heel on. It is the perfect everyday shoe if you are tired of always wearing flat shoes or sneakers and just want to spice up your everyday outfit. "


Auction is a classic t-belt shoe, with a cute heel. The shoe has a super nice design at the front with a hole pattern, so the shoes can be used with and without one sock below, or with tights from Swedish Stockings on colder days. And then the shoes are ideal for those who want an airy shoe without showing toes. 

The fine t-strap holds the shoe well in place on the foot, and the comfort of these shoes is top notch. 

The shoes fit yours perfectly retro pants, high-waisted skirts or vintage dresses, and the gold model is perfect for festive occasions, and for you who want a festive everyday look with discreet retro charm.

Pencil skirt from Daisy Dapper

How to style your retro shoes

It is absolutely ideal to style the beautiful shoes with some of those great socks from Swedish Stockings. Eg the fishnet stockings as Stine shows off. It just gives a super delicious look. 

The shoes are also beautiful for our vintage style palazzo pants, where the lace-up shoes emphasize the Katherine Hepburn look, while the Asta shoe gives a more feminine look. Of course is shoes also beautiful to Heart of Haute the swing dress, or the black pencil skirt, as Stine shows here. 

frida 22- t-strap shoe.

Of course, do not be fooled into just being introduced to our beloved T-strap shoes. These are the ones we have had in the store and which we never get tired of. They can really be used for everything, and they are also the ones that Stine and Line have trotted big cities in, and stood up all day without problems. They are available in classic red or black suede, and thus fit pretty much everything.

T-strap frida shoes from Nordic Shoepeople
T-strap shoes frida 22 from nordic shoepeople

SNEAK-PEAK summer sandals

But it does not end here; we are so excited about Nordic ShoePeople that we have decided to take sandals home in red and coral, so in the end you get a little 'sneak peak'.
These are fantastic summer sandals that fit perfectly with summer dresses and warm weather. They are good to wear, but also a little sexier and super feminine than most sandals you can get hold of, so keep an eye out for them when the warmer weather arises ...

Sneak peak coral suede sandal

Sandal in coral colored suede

Sneak peak red patent leather sandal

Sandal in red patent leather

We hope you enjoy our new Nordic ShoePeople styles. We are sure that you will not regret once you have got your fuss in these fantastic shoes.

The best greetings

Team Mondo Kaos 

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