Customer portrait - Daida

Customer portrait - Daida 💖

We continue to give you an insight into how some of our customers found out for us, what they love about the vintage style and what they pass the time with through the closure. Read here about lovely Daida.

Name: Daida 

Age: will be 41 tomorrow :-) (Congratulations from us ed.)

Employment: Regional Director in a global advisory company  

Hi Daida, what are you running around doing these days? 

I work with advising companies on what pertains to their mobile employees. 

I am responsible for the quality of our services, so I usually travel a lot, am in contact with many people both in Europe and in the US and these days that work has moved into my dining room. There I sit in front of my laptop and type and talk even more :-) 

In addition, I teach, I am a mentor to a young student and I have started taking online tuition myself. 

In addition, I am super happy to go for long walks, drink coffee outside, the little one can these days. In short, I try to reduce deprivation for my life on the go and fill the time with everything I otherwise do not find time for.    

Where do you get your inspiration for your particular style?  

 I have always been a huge fan of old Hollywood glam, which in my eyes never goes out of fashion. I love when recreating looks from the 40s and 50s in movies and series and I wish we all went dressed like back then :-)   

Mad Men

The Marvelous Mrs Maisel

The Bletchly Circle

Hvordan kom du til at kende til Mondo Kaos? 

In my daily life, business look is the thing and I have always tried to spice up that look with colors, especially silk blouses with pussy bow were in high demand in my wardrobe. I kind of wanted to add more retro to my clothes, so I started searching the web. 

Da jeg fandt Mondo Kaos vidste jeg, at det var noget særligt, så jeg skyndte mig ned i butikken. Der mødte jeg Kirstine og der var hun, den levende Marilyn. Siden mødte jeg Stine og alle andre Mondo ladies som lever deres retro look hver dag og siden har jeg ikke set mig tilbage.          

Here's Daida's style

Tegan pencil dress in vintage style
Pencil skirt from House of Foxy
Shirt dress in red from Heart of Haute

What is it about Mondo Kaos that makes you shop with us? 

Mondo ladies are all good at capturing my aesthetics and therefore I have full confidence that I will be told if something is "me", or if it is something "completely different", or if I am completely crazy about an outfit , but doubt if I carry it ... then Kirstine and Stine are just worth gold in that situation.  

Så kombinationen af den fejring af den kvindelige silhuet og den kvindelige form gennem de mange flotte, elegante og lige tilpas sexede outfits, den fantastiske vejledning, der tager min æstetik i betragtning, som alt sammen resulterer i, at jeg elsker det selvtillidsboost det giver mig efter en tur forbi Mondo Kaos.

If you were to give women three great styling tips, what would they be? 

1. LBD, your go-to outfit that you always combine with statement shoes such as gold, silver, visible accessories and red lipstick 

2. Do not be afraid of colors, but learn how to put the colors together effectively 

3. Balance your look, keep some of your clothes loose and the rest tight, depending on your body type 

Gold shoes from Nordic ShoePeople
Hair flower
Silver shoes with heels from Miss L Fire

Gold shoes, silver shoes and visible accessories are Daida's styling tips

Estelle pussy bow shirt
The little black pencil dress
Swing skirt in teal

Do not be afraid of colors, LBD / the little black is a must-have, and use loose and tight depending on body type

Many thanks to Daida for taking the time to answer questions for our customer portrait. We hope you were inspired.

Best wishes,

Team Mondo Kaos❤

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