Miss L Fire Spring / Summer 2020 - Color joy, quality and vintage inspiration 🌸

Miss L Fire Spring / Summer 2020 - Color joy, quality and vintage inspiration 🌸

Mondo Kaos overvejer altid nøje når der skal tages nye brands hjem. Der er naturligvis det stilmæssige og kvaliteten at tage højde for, og spørgsmålet om brandet passer ind i Mondo Kaos’ univers? Og så har vi selvfølgelig færre sko brands end beklædnings brands.

At Miss L Fire slap igennem nåleøjet hos Mondo Kaos skyldes ifølge indehaver Ditte bl.a. den fantastiske kvalitet, som Mondo Kaos altid kan stå inde for, og så er netop skoene fra Miss L Fire det perfekte match til vores retro-sortiment.

Mondo Kaos har solgt Miss L Fire sko siden 2013. Siden dag 1 har de været en sikker vinder hos kunderne, som har taget skoene i de smukke farver og skønne kombinationer til sig, og spændt venter på de nye modeller der kommer til hver sæson.

All employees have at least one favorite model, and they like to stand up in it for 8 hours in a row, also in shoes or sandals with high heels as the comfort is just really good.

Your personal favorite this season is the Penelope model.

Penelope is a really beautiful sandal in a mix of a macrame sandal as well as the classic "gladiator sandal" with the woven cotton band that is tied around the ankle. The shoe is further stable by having a leather heel cap. A really beautiful summer sandal that we got in "natural colored"(the picture) as well sort.

Miss L Fire Penelope sandal

Stine's favorite shoe this season is the one 60s inspired Lois sandal. The shoe has a medium block heel, which makes it super comfortable, and then Stine loves that it reminds her of Mad Men and classic Bond style. It has beautiful leather straps which are gathered in knots in the middle of the foot and a beautiful ankle strap. It is super nice with boats dresses, skirts, pants, jeans og shorts has got it in four colors: Gold, Black, Green og White.

Some of the other models from our Spring / Summer 2020 collection are seen below:

Founder of Miss L Fire, Lynsey Hand

The founder is Lynsey Hand worked in the shoe industry for such well-known brands as both Clarks and Office, before in 2005 she decided to start Miss L Fire.

Lynsey had always had a great love for retro and vintage, and had noticed that it was impossible to find vintage shoes in larger sizes. At least she had not been able to find some for herself in size 41 (uk7), and with a dream of making shoes in all sizes for vintage-loving ladies, Miss L Fire came into being.

Although it was always intended that Miss L Fire should be a modern twist on a vintage shoe, there may have been less focus on the traditional retro expression, and more on Lynsey's own playful, colorful style based on past different styles of times.

Kirstine's favorite model is just such a colorful and eye-catching shoe: the multicolored metallic Lucie shoe inspired by a 1950er model. It has a beautiful heel, at the perfect height, like most Miss L Fire shoes has soft and comfortable memory foam. And then it is cut into these small pieces, with a little look to the foot. Really just a wonderfully beautiful and special shoe. This model is also available in black suede.

Where are the shoes produced?

Consumers today have a much greater awareness than before of awareness of sustainability and ethics, and therefore want knowledge of where and how the products they buy are manufactured.

Miss L Fire works with two family-run factories in Portugal, and a single company in China, with a premise that shoes are only as good as the people who make them. Therefore, it is quite obvious to Lynsey Hand and her team that the manufacturers she uses must live up to a high standard when it comes to working conditions, and with the mantra of quality over quantity. She works closely with the factories and, among other things, takes down and checks herself before the upcoming collection is put into production.

Both Portuguese factories have a small, dedicated team of shoemakers and everything is handmade. Where they combine both old and new technologies to create the perfect comfortable, 'Made In Portugal' collections.

The company in China started making Miss L Fire shoes 5 years ago, and they are working with a small, female team to create beautifully made shoes where attention is paid to detail.

Sustainable production

Klimakrisen er på alles læber. Og desværre er netop tøj og sko industrien en af de helt store syndere, kun overgået af olieindustrien. Derfor er vi i Mondo Kaos særligt opmærksomme på at have brands som opfylder visse krav, i de fleste tilfælde betyder det som minimum små produktioner med minimum spild produkt. 
Miss L Fire er et brand som det fra starten af har ligget på sinde at have en miljø- og social ansvarlig produktion.

This means i.a. a small production of small batches, for minor overproduction, manufacturing to order, no cheap labor and that no shoes are thrown out.

However, the actual making of leather shoes is not hassle-free, what does Miss L Fire do about it, and is vegan shoes the solution?

Vegan shoes

Miss L Fire receives many inquiries regarding vegan shoes. But what and how do vegan shoes differ environmentally from leather shoes and are they sustainable at all? These are some of the issues that Lynsey Hand has addressed. Leather has been used for centuries as the preferred material as it is durable, breathable and comfortable. Miss L Fire also makes shoes exclusively in sustainable leather, ie the leather comes from animals that have been used in the food industry, rather than being bred for the sake of the leather.

It is leather tanning is the problem in leather manufacturing. A lot of water and harmful chemicals are used, so Miss L Fire makes sure that the tanneries live up to the international eco-market, and as often as possible they use vegetable tanned leather, which is clearly the best for the environment. Yet, this can only be done with the more natural colors.

When it comes to vegan shoes, the problem is the material. In the best cases, it is polyurethane (PU), and even the best variant has only half the durability of leather, while it will be 1000 years of being degraded in nature. Yes, 1000! it's not good enough yet.

Alternatives to plastic are, of course, an area in rapid development, and the Lynsey and Miss L Fire theme is keeping a close eye on new opportunities to be able to produce vegan and eco-friendly shoes in the future.

We can vouch for that

Lynsey produces small, never having to throw shoes out.

The shoes must be of such high quality that they can be reused season after season, and should make their owner so happy that they feel like taking care of them. They are vintage-inspired, and perfect for vintage and retro outfits, but can, thanks to their modern twist and colors, also be used in the modern wardrobe.

Her i Mondo Kaos, er det lige det vi gør. Vi elsker vores Miss L Fire sko, og har udgåede modeller vi taler om med længsel i stemmen, og håber vil vende tilbage til sortimentet en dag. Indtil da nyder vi alle de skønne nye sko.

Kærlige hilsner fra Team Mondo Kaos ❤️

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