Customer portrait no. 3 Luise ❤️

Customer portrait no. 3 Luise ❤️

This customer portrait is part of a series of mini-blogs where we have interviewed some of our lovely ones
#mondoladies, based on their use of #mondolady and #mondokaos on Instagram <3
This portrait is of the lovely Luise, who works at Copenhagen Airport and loves colorful
swing dresses and feminine retro fashion!

Luise is 42 years old, she lives in Allerød and is the mother of a boy of 12 and a girl of 9. Luise works in
Copenhagen Airport Security, and she has a great love for 50s fashion, style and music.

Classic shirt dress from Very Cherry

The interest in 50s mature.

The interest in the swinging universe of the 50s started already when Luise was a child, where she was crazy
with the music and especially the dresses with ostrich skirts. She remembers that she for piano lessons far
would rather play jive and rock'n'roll than classical, and that after a long question she finally - albeit
reluctantly - got his teacher to find sheet music for the classics' Great Balls of Fire 'and' Rock around
the Clock 'forward so she could teach them. Luise also told us that she almost begged her mother for
to sew her a dress with an ostrich skirt, but it was not exactly the kind of dresses that were fashionable in those
early 80s, so the mother never sewed her dress with ostrich skirt, and the young Luise had to settle
with dreaming about it.

From soldier to 50s girl.

Although Luise has always been fond of music and the whole 50s universe, with the exception of
gender roles, she notes, it was only a few years ago that interest began to come to
expression in her personal style and wardrobe. During the interview, she told that she for many years
cultivated its masculine side and a more masculine expression because uniforms have been a big part of
her everyday life and identity. Luise is a trained soldier originally and has been employed in
defense, and subsequently she trained as a carpenter - two work areas with each
their type of uniform.

Since then, Luise has also been trained as an educator, and that was while she was working just like that, back
in 2011-12 that she learned Mondo Kaos to know. Luise clearly remembers her first visit to the store. She
worked on Griffenfeldsgade / Korsgade, and one day she had an early break and decided to go
a trip in the area, to get to know it better. Suddenly she saw a bright red dress with an ostrich skirt in it
a window - just the kind of one she had dreamed of since she was little, and she just had to go in and out
try it! The dress fit perfectly and was Luise's first purchase Mondo Kaos, and in the interview
occasion Luise had put on the same dress, the beautiful one Mad Men Swing Dress from Stop
. Luise loves it because of the swing skirt and the stretchy material - and of course too
the bright red color that still lasts after almost eight years of use. She had also taken her best buy
from the store on, the beautiful Ice Skater Cardigan from Emmy Design, and with its beautiful makeup and
hairstyle she looked brilliant!

Classic 50s swing dress in red from Stop Stsring

Vintage makeup & Victory Rolls.

After her first visit and purchase in the store, Luise gained more and more courage to let go of her passion for the retro universe
express itself in its style. She began to study the trends of different styles, makeup
and hair, and watched tutorials from Cherry Doll Face and Miss Victory Violet, and through their and
others' youtube tutorials she quickly learned to put hair and makeup like they did in the 40s and 50s
- and of course she was also there, then Mondo Kaos had a visit from Miss Victory Violet for Hair
Styling event! Today, Luise is very firm to put her hair in classic hairstyles and she is especially happy
for the hairstyle called ‘Victory Rolls’, especially known from the wartime pinup’s of the 1940s.

Louise's favorite type of dress is definitely a dress with a swing skirt, so there is room for play and dance. Luise
has a classic hourglass figure, and therefore it is important for her that her clothes cut at the waist, so
her curves are highlighted in the most beautiful way. In addition, it is important for Luise that there is stretch in
the fabric, so she knows that her clothes always fit perfectly, whether she should lose a little weight or take a little

When we were going to take pictures of Luise, she told me that she was currently looking for one more
subdued dress that she could use for everyday and therefore she chose the beautiful one reverse dress from
Very Cherry in both black
og teal-colored and matched them with black dance shoes from Miss L'Fire!

Classic black shirt dress from Very Cherry

Retro shirt dress from Very Chery and cropped cardigan from Emmy Design.

Luise's first visit in Mondo Kaos simply became the starting point for her total embrace of it
feminine retro expressions women had in the 40s and 50s - she stressed, however, that it is only
the style she loves, and not the gender roles!
Since Luise began exploring the retro universe in her own wardrobe and personal expression, she has
learned a great deal about style, and now that she's working at the airport, she's wearing a uniform again, and she
loves to play with the feminine expression in the setting she has - that's why Louise's makeup and hair sit
always perfect in true retro spirit when she's at work - we can not wait until we have to fly again, so we
can be security-checked by this amazing, cool and very beautiful woman!

Thank you so much for interviewing you, Luise! We look forward to seeing you again!

If you want to get to know Luise and her universe and style better, then you can follow her on
Instagram here:

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Feminine Retro outerwear

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