Customer portrait no. 4 Heidi ❤️

Customer portrait no. 4 Heidi ❤️

This customer portrait is part of a series of mini-blogs where we have interviewed some of our beautiful #mondoladies, based on their use of #mondolady and #mondokaos on Instagram <3

This portrait is of wonderful Heidi who has a background as an economist, loves to travel and crochet, and then she has a penchant for waist-cut dresses!

Heidi is 33 years old and lives in Vanløse, in a small apartment with a garden. She is a trained administrative economist, which means she knows a lot about numbers, law and people. She loves to travel and the trips often go to London, where she explores the quirky, hip neighborhoods of Campden and Soho. In addition, Heidi also spends time on various cultural experiences here in Copenhagen and on crochet, which she is really good at.

Heidi's interest in the retro universe and its feminine dresses and fashion is relatively new. However, Heidi has only been going in dresses for the last 10-15 years because she does not like to go in pants. She does not feel comfortable and thinks they are tightening in the wrong places, and then she has even experienced negative comments when she has worn trousers, which has not made her relationship with wearing trousers easier either.
So Heidi has worn dresses for many years, but it was only a few years ago that she got to know the retro universe. She told us that one day she was browsing Facebook and stumbled across an ad for sale of a red, high-waisted swing dress in a plus size retro clothing group she had joined. She wrote to the seller, drove by and tried on the dress, which was tailored to her figure, and she bought it on the spot. When Heidi got home, she tried the dress on again and started to think about whether she should explore this retro clothing style a little more, because the cut really suited her figure and she felt really comfortable. After that, she started googling brands and stores that sold dresses in that cut and that style, and that's how Heidi learned Mondo Kaos to know.

First time Heidi visited Mondo Kaos was in the summer of 2018. She needed one petticoat to wear under her red swing dress because she was going to the theater. After some time researching and looking at various recommendation pages and reviews, she decided to stop by the shop on Birkegade, where she immediately fell in love with the many colorful, feminine dresses and was greeted by a loving, personal service that helped her with finding the perfect petticoat for her dress.

Heidi's preferred type of dress is a waist-cut dress, because she has a full-bodied hourglass figure, and therefore wants to define her waist and highlight her shapes in the most beautiful way. For everyday, she mostly goes with A-line cuts because they are feminine without attracting too much attention. In addition, Heidi loves the uniform look, and has several dresses with, for example, collars and tie details that give a little edge to an otherwise very feminine look.

When we had to take pictures of Heidi, she also just chose dresses with a waist-cut cut, with the exception of one.

The first dress Heidi tried on was the fine 'Peter Pan' collar dress from Very Cherry, a classic waist-cut A-line dress with a white collar that gives the sweet, playful uniforms vibe that Heidi likes. A formal dress that is still feminine and can be styled in many different ways!

The other dress that Heidi tried on was our knit dress from Palava. It is designed to look like a two-piece set, which gives the dress a more formal, yet casual look. At the same time, it is very comfortable to wear, both because it is made of 100% organic soft cotton knit, and because it does not need to be closed with a zipper or other closure!

Betty the dress from House of Foxy was the third dress Heidi tried on. It was also this dress that was the exception, as it is not waist-cut, but instead has an empire cut, which means that it cuts just below the bust. However, the dress is tailored, so Heidi does not lose her waist in the dress and it is still defined very beautifully - we love the cut of Heidi's full figure, and think it gives a formal, feminine look, without being challenging.

The last dress Heidi tried on was Draw the dress in new years print from Palava. She knows the dress model in advance and was, like us, completely pissed off with the cute fireworks print. Out of the corner of his eye, Heidi sees it greyish cardigan from Emmy Design, which matches perfectly in the color to the background of the dress, and then suddenly a feminine, casual New Year's dress look was created!

Heidi's new style started with the discovery of a randomly determined red dress on Facebook, and it developed because of Heidi's curiosity, and desire to feel good about herself and her figure and the right to dress as she feels. Heidi has a mantra called "if I feel I look good, then I also look good", and therefore the most important thing for Heidi when she shops is that she feels comfortable in the clothes she wears. It requires i.a. that it is made of a high quality material that is both breathable and stretchy, and that the cut must be cut properly and well sewn, so she does not have to think about whether it now also 'fits as it should' on her figure . She will always prefer to buy a high quality dress in both design and material, because she knows it lasts longer - and because she knows this is how she feels most comfortable, and becomes the best version of herself! 

Thank you so much for interviewing you, Heidi! We look forward to seeing you again!

If you want to get to know Heidi and her universe and style better, then you can follow her on Instagram HERE!

Kind regards, Team Mondo Kaos ❤️

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