Guide to Body Types

Guide to Body Types

How do I best dress for my body type?

It is a question that all women ask themselves. We really long to be 'a type', so that shopping can be easier, and we no longer have to have humiliating experiences like the ones we have all tried, with clothes that do not fit here or there, and at the same time a fashion image or even a seller which might make us feel that something is wrong with us…

With Mondo Kaos we really care about the experience! Trying on the clothes should simply be fun and positive, we should feel that the clothes bring out the best in us, and give us the courage to show off the body we have. 

That said, not everyone can just come by our small shop and get the service we provide here, and for them and for guidance we have made a small 'find your body type' quiz.

How to find your body type?

You can take your goals, that way you do not have to judge yourself with eyes, but can simply proceed from the actual goals you have on paper. What defines which group you belong to are the measurements breast vs waist vs hip. Having the measurements in hand also means that it is easier for you to order the right size, as most of our companies have size guides that are based on precisely these measurements.

How do I take my goals?

Measure yourself over the chest, preferably with the type of bra you normally wear. Be aware that the measuring tape must be straight all the way around.

The waist is the narrowest place on the body. It sounds logical, but check it by not moving the measuring tape up or down when you think you have found the narrowest place. Check in front of the mirror if necessary.

Last but not least, there is the hip measurement. This can be the most difficult, as this is the widest place on the body, which is very individual. On the vast majority, this will be around crotch height. 

Also remember that goals can change. We can be a form when we are particularly slim or trained, but where we put on weight is typically what defines our body type. Some also change type with age.

And the last thing before we get started; here Mondo Kaos we believe that all bodies are beautiful and that not everyone needs to look like an hourglass figure!

Now we can get started!


We start with the A-shape, as there is a predominant part of us women who have this figure. This type includes narrow shoulders, slim upper body with a narrow waist, round buttocks and slightly stronger, female thighs. In relation to your measurements, the hip measurement is significantly larger than the measurement over the shoulders. Your absolute force is your narrow, feminine waist. Most women dream of this benefit, so highlight it on any given occasion.

Do you want to balance the relationship between the hips and shoulders, and maybe lengthen the legs? This is how you can focus on your slim and beautiful upper body. A classic A-line dress like our Ava Dress from The House Of Foxy is wonderful as it focuses on the waist and at the same time gives the puff sleeves give you a little extra width on the shoulders. At the same time, the A-shape is perfect for not making hips / thighs look bigger than they are. 

Other good garments for the A-figure are: boat neckline and off shoulder blouses, which give the illusion of wider shoulders, thereby giving expression to an hourglass figure. Puffer sleeves are also beautiful for the A-shape, for example the Estelle shirt is fantastic for the A-shape. Feel free to use light colors and prints to highlight your upper body, and more muted colors on your lower body. An A-line skirt or mini skirt that goes out easily is great for the A-Figure. Or wide pants a la our Sailor pants or Swing pants, both of which beautifully balance the hips. 

And if you just love your beautiful thighs and hips, of course, just get loose in pencil skirts, especially with a colorful top. Shoes with comfortable heels are fortunately also available. If you wear them in the same color as your tights, it lengthens the legs further, and beautiful shoes are perfect to round off the look. 

The A-figure shares body type with: Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez.

The H-figure

The H-figure, is characterized by a straight torso, with little difference in the measurements between the chest, waist and hips. The challenge for the H-Figure is to create shapes, by creating an illusion of waist. This is done by creating extra fullness on the hips and upper body, as well as marking the waist.

A swing dress or wrap dress, preferably with Puf sleeves, are really good for the H-Figure. Swing skirts are also good, and just like with the swing dress, you can advantageously wear a petticoat underneath, to give extra volume to the hips.

Tops and shirts where a little happens at the top, such as. a cute collar, pouf sleeves etc. are all good for the H-Figure. Feel free to tie your shirt at the waist or use a belt to mark the waist. In general, it is very important that everything is waist-high.

Our trousers or jeans with wide legs and high waist are also a super good look for the H-Figure, combined with a feminine shirt with puff sleeves, eg the Helen shirt which is tied at the waist.

Also consider asymmetrical, like our cocktail dress from Stop Staring! But only if you want to run with all the attention!

The H-Figure shares body type with: Nicole Kidmann, Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz.

The X-Figures

You are the hourglass! That's the shape we all know! Your shoulders are straight and the same size as your hips. The bust is well proportioned just like the hips and buttocks and your waist is narrow!

This is the classic Hollywood diva figure, and this is still seen by many as the most complete female figure. 

All our beautiful high-waisted skirts and trousers are beautiful for you. A pencil skirt, or pencil dress, just looks terrific on you. See e.g. our pencil dresses from Unique Vintage and Stop Staring.

A swing dress that really fits at the waist, maybe with a belt so it really highlights your narrow waist, is also a hit! The House of Foxy's 'Betty' and 'Evelyn' a-line dresses also sit beautifully.

If you want a cocktail dress out of the ordinary, try The House of Foxy's 'Lana', with peplum and keyhole neckline. 

Many of our shirts have pleats at the shoulders to make room for the bust, and Emmy Cardigans, which are waist-cut, are the perfect top for the x-figure.

 The X-Figure shares body type with: Selma Hayek and Scarlet Johansen.


Your goals are a bit like the H-figure. Your shoulders and hips have roughly the same measurements, but you do not put on around the hips and thighs, but more on the abdomen and around the waist. You most likely have legs and arms that everyone envies you, slim and maybe even long. Remember the sexy stockings when you go out!

But if you also want to show something other than legs once in a while, here are some tips: V-neckline and tops with decoration around the neck, just as accessories such as necklaces, earrings and scarves are perfect for you.

You have beautiful arms, so finally show them off with dresses and tops without sleeves, and why not highlight them further with beautiful bracelets in strong colors?

Tops and dresses with draping are also beautiful for you. If you want to throw yourself into a pencil dress, our Billion Dollar Dresses from Stop Staring! with its stretchy material as well as beautiful draping, a really good choice!

When you choose pants, it is smart if they close at the side, so you avoid extra 'filling fabric' in the middle of the belly. Here we have i.a. Le Wild Jeans from Lady K loves, as well as our swing pants from The House Of Foxy.

The O-Figure shares body type with: Catherine Zeta-Jones! Wow! 

The V-figure

It is you if your measurements show that the shoulders and chest are the widest place on your body and you are narrow around the waist and hips. You put on your bosom. You have slim legs. This is a figure we often associate with a very fit woman. It's a strong figure, and wow what beautiful shoulders, but if you ever want to even out the difference between shoulders and hips, as well as having a little focus on your slim waist, here are some suggestions for you:

You are one of those people who just looks great in peplum. We have a beautiful trouser suit with a peplum effect and a dress, both from Miss Candyfloss. 

You are super good in trousers, including a little width and preferably in colors or patterns. Blouses; long sleeves are good and V neckline, try for example the shirts from The Seamstress Of Bloomsbury or The House Of Foxy or the Elsie 30s shirt from The House of Foxy. 

With your slim hips, you will probably also love our pencil skirts, just get started.

Last but not least, you will surely love our a-line dresses Ava and Grable. The Ava dress has a V-neckline and a tiny sleeve, and the dress sits around your narrow waist and highlights this.

The V-figure shares body type with: Angelina Joli, Renee Zellweger and Demi Moore

Take our body type quiz here:

If you are in doubt about which character you have, you can be guided with the quiz below:

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