Dresses for the big bust

Which dress should I choose for a big bust?

We have wonderful dresses in vintage style in sizes from small to plus size. High and low and ALL body types are welcome. However, there are certain questions we often encounter when it comes to dresses, and it is i.a. the question of which dresses which fits a large bosom. We should try to get all the way around this issue in the blog post today.

We wish it was as easy as we just had some dresses which works for everyone, but it is of course also a matter of taste; how do you want the dress to sit over the bust, for example? Do you want to emphasize the bust further or does it feel better if it seems a little smaller? How degraded should it be? Just as we are all built differently, it is also different what we feel comfortable in.

That said, the vast majority of ours fit dresses fine for large-breasted women, and we will here describe those of ours dresses as we usually show to women with large breasts.

Bestseller dress Ava

Let's start with our absolute bestseller, Ava, from The House of Foxy. Ava is a bestseller because it suits almost all body types, including women with large breasts. 

The perfectly placed pleats both at the shoulder and under the bust, as well as the discreet overlap give both a nice V-neckline, and make the dress really suitable for both large and small bosoms.


The dress also has lots of focus on the waist, it is also available in many different colors and patterns. 

Grable the dress - show your advantages!

From The House of Foxy comes another classic dress to the big bust, viz Grapple the dress. In the Grable dress, there is plenty of room for the bust, but Stine warns that this dress puts full focus on the big bust, and thus is not something for those who want a little less focus here. 

If, on the other hand, you want to show your advantages, then Grable is just you. Grable also has beautiful loose 'fragre' sleeves, which in addition to being comfortable and giving air, are also very flattering. We just got it in two beautiful new floral prints, perfect for summer and garden parties.

Come and try it!

Wrap the dress from Bloomsbury

Another classic here with us. 

Like Ava, this one fits amazingly beat dress from The Seamstress of Bloomsbury for all breasts and body types, it is really super flexible without compromising on fit. It is just sewn so that it can be easily adapted to the wearer, and it is quite perfect.

This is also a dress we always have at home, and we have it in many different colors and patterns.

50s swing dress with and without sleeves from Unique Vintage

So far, it has been about A-line dresses, but of course there are also the classics swing dresses to the big-breasted woman.

Unique Vintage has made this model both with long sleeves and without sleeves. Both have in common that they have lots of wrinkles above and below the bosom, which gives plenty of room for the full bosom. 

At the same time, a light cross-over as well as the wide waistline under the bust, hold well together, creating a really nice 50s silhouette.

50s style swing dress in beautiful prints

Our 50s style dresses sleeveless is also a good choice for you with the big bust. The soft V-neck just does something good. Again, this is a dress that actually fits all body types and breasts, but it is also very suitable for the large breast. It is for this reason also an absolute bestseller. Notice the dress in cactus sprint which all Mondo ladies love! But we also have it in polka dots and solid color so there is something for everyone.

Below you can see the beautiful customer photos and how the dress dresses them all.

With the swing dresses can always be used petticoats below to give extra fullness to the skirt, and thus even more hourglass figure. Wow! (NB: These will be replenished later this week, week 24).

What dresses should I avoid when I have big breasts?

Well, you can go with anything you want, and we do not think you should hold back, it's just a matter of finding the right fit! That said, Stine recommends buying only one shirt dress if, for example, you do not think it is so bad with '8s' between the buttons, or if you know the model in advance. If you desperately want a shirt dress, she recommends that you come down to the store, so you can get guidance to find a shirt dress that fits all one's proportions, not just the bust.

Stine also suggests avoiding boat carving such as. Devon dress. Instead, V-necklines, and especially those with a little cross-over effect and draping, are really good.

See you in the store

We hope you have found something you like and that you have become a little more familiar with which ones dresses suitable for a large or larger bosom. We recommend that you look past the store in person, if possible, where we would rather than help further with which dress might suit you.

Good summer,

Team Mondo Kaos

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