Authentic Beauties Part 2 - Christmas and New Year

Christmas ball and New Year's decorations

Together with our Authentic Beauties part 2, we are going to this time to Julefroast and all the other fun parties that characterize December! 

We have simply received so many wonderful dresses for Christmas og dresses for the new year that we have been really looking forward to showing you these pictures with all the fantastic party clothes.

Authentic Beauties is a series of photos of Mondo Kaos clothes, on women who are not used to standing in front of a camera or who fit into the usual 'model template'. We have always emphasized that our clothes suit all women and body types, which is why we also love to show the clothes of women that our customers can see themselves in. The photographer Nadia von Rikka does not use beauty filters and our extraordinarily beautiful 'ordinary' women do not use any form of shape wear, so that what you see is exactly authentic and genuine. And we promise that we will probably write it if we occasionally use some of our shape wear.  

We have made another photoshoot with talented Nadia von Rikka, and this time we have 4 ladies with us. Of these, you will probably recognize 2, namely Lisette from the last shoot and our own Carina, who you know from the store, or our photos on social media. In addition, we have allied ourselves with two other beautiful women, Karen and Askale. We think that it should be even more festive than last time, and that you should be allowed to see the clothes of 4 completely different women.

The clothes are Christmas and festive and even very festive.

Let's start with the Christmas.


If you are into velor, we not only have the beautiful Hollywood circle dresses which are both super nice to wear and festive on top. We have also got a fantastic dress home in pencil cut, with the familiar off-shoulder ruffle. We have it in green and red, and both are just so beautiful for Christmas parties. Like the Hollywood dress from Very Cherry, the Sophia dress from Unique Vintage is super comfortable, and then it is festive without you having to do so much else. Nice socks and shoes, make-up and you are 'ready to go'! 

For this reason is the dress also perfect for Christmas breakfast, if it e.g. takes place right after work.

Below you can see Askale and Lisette in the in the beautiful Sophia dresses.

Festive in trouser suit

But it does not always have to be just dresses. From Very Cherry we also got the wonderful Emmylou trouser suits in velor with wide legs and a sleeveless top. 

Well, it's just amazingly festive, and if you, like so many others, still find the clothes after the 'corona jogging set' to feel a little tight, then you'll just love this pantsuit.

Here is Karen jumped in the pantsuit, so you are allowed to look at it!

Karen loves dresses

A little about Karen; Karen Mose is 41, and this is the first time she has participated Mondo Kaos on shoot, on the other hand, it is not the first time she is in the spotlight, as she is both a musician and composer in the folk and jazz genre.

Karen says herself “I have become happier with my body the older I have become and have completely stopped hiding it with my clothes, as I did when I was younger. Now I like to show it off. I love dresses and have a fairly large selection of both everyday dresses, party dresses and dresses for the stage. ”

La Dolce Vita

Another red dress that we will show here is the beautiful Dolce Vita dress from The House of Foxy. Carina does it full justice, and it has just about everything that is characteristic of vintage style dresses; lots of vintage style details that seem elegantly timeless. The red dress will be perfect for any Christmas party.

Of course, it is also always an option to use the fantastic sloom dress in red from The Seamstress of Bloomsbury, it is all in the styling, and we are always happy to help with styling tips in the store.


"My name is Askale and I am an outgoing, happy and patient woman who is very easy to laugh with. My name comes from Ethiopia where I am also from. Besides that I am 27 years old and live in Amager with my boyfriend and dog On a daily basis I work as a nurse in an emergency clinic. When I am not at work I appreciate spending time with family and friends, also I know almost nothing better than going for long walks with the dog in nature. Sound old yet?

I LOVE CLOTHES! If I could change my wardrobe as needed and it did not go beyond the environment AND I had ONE MILLION in the bank, then I would have done it. "

Dresses for New Year's Eve

The little black dress

But there are several big parties to celebrate, and we have got the most beautiful cocktails and new year dresses home this year. And that includes several small (and large) black dresses, little black dress!

If you are looking for a swing dress, we have, for example, the black Marceline, which has a beautiful and deep curved neckline. This means that there is room for festive bling around the neck, and that both updo hair or loose hair that caresses the shoulders will be super beautiful for this dress. 

With this black dress you can also put full throttle on the bling accessory or choose colored shoes and accessories, it could be red shoes and a red belt, for example.

And now we're talking about red shoes, so remember to see the amazing Loretta in black and red! Yep, that IS definitely the last chance if you are to have time to have a pair. We got the last ones from Miss L Fire before they closed. 

Cocktail dresses for New Year

In addition, there are the two Anais cocktail dresses in close-fitting pencil design. The beautiful dress has a corsage style top and is in elegant shiny satin. The straps are wide and with a small bow, and then you can choose the little black dress completely in black, or with fine pink straps in beautiful contrast.

You can see Askale in the beautiful Anais dress with the pink straps here.

Flapper style New Year dresses

As something completely new this year, we have taken two dresses home in flapper style. 
The dresses are for the big party, and provided with lots of sequins and with fringes at the bottom. We absolutely love them, and hope you will too.
In the pictures you see Carina and Karen wearing the gold-colored flapper dress. The dress is fantastically festive and rhymes with champagne so it is absolutely perfect cocktail dress to the big New Year's brag! 

Classic dresses for the New Year

Maybe you're more into classic dresses, and of course we have. We have lots of wonderful Christmas dresses og new year dresses for both the Christmas lunch and the New Year's party in fantastic colors. 

From Pretty dress we have both the beautiful Leyla swing dress in several colors, and which you can see below on Lisette in purple, and a fantastic pencil dress, Estelle, which you can see in the group photo of Karen in blue. Both dresses are available in blue and purple, and the swing dress is also available in green. 

Make the dresses extra festive with eg gold shoes, either Amber from Miss L Fire or Manhattan from Charlie Stone. 

Many thanks to the 4 beautiful women who have brought the clothes to life.

Come down to the store where we can help you find just your Christmas or new year dress to this year's parties.

Festive greetings,

Team Mondo Kaos 💋

Backstage on the set with Stine 

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