Vintage, retro and repro - what's what?

What are vintage clothes?

Today we will talk a little about vintage clothing. When we denote our clothes and dresses as vintage, it is based on the fact that our customers refer to the clothes as such. We, and our customers, of course know that we are talking about newly produced clothes in vintage style, but what about actual vintage clothes, and how does it fit in with our reproduced clothes in vintage style? We also come up with some suggestions for styling and look on why it has become so modern to be 'old-fashioned'.

When are clothes vintage?  

The term actually comes from wines, and has slowly become a term we use for many other things, including clothes. 

We describe vintage as something that is under 100 years old. Over 100 years it will be antique. 

So should you be lucky enough to fall over a flapper dress from 1919, or a chemise from 1900, it is an antique item. When do the clothes stop being vintage? There are many opinions about this, especially in relation to one's own age.

Vintage or 2nd Hand?

Until a few years ago, vintage clothing was wrong to be anything from 1920-1979. But in many contexts, one counts on generations, and since a generation is approx. 25 years, then it will correspond to 1995. It may fit very well with the fashion picture you see now, where many millennials have begun to take the 90s as 'vintage'. Younger than that and one talks about recycling or 2nd Hand. 

From left; Carole Lombard in beautiful 30s style, Katherine Hepburn in the 1940s and Elizabeth Taylor in the 1950s.

What is the difference between vintage and retro?

The confusing thing is that the terms cover something different depending on whether we are talking about wine, furniture or clothes. If a piece of clothing is originally made in the period, then it is described as vintage, if on the other hand it is new and looks like something from another, earlier, period, it is retro. Retrospective is also said about flashbacks, something that was in the past. 

As the term originates from the 60s, you also see that some use it about things, teak furniture for example, which are original from this time. Therefore, the term repro, about reproduced clothes, has emerged, so there is no doubt that these are clothes that are newly made in vintage style. However, it is not a term used much at home, and we therefore usually say vintage style or vintage inspired.

 When we in Mondo Kaos when talking about clothing in vintage style, it is often with one or more of the silhouettes and designs in mind as seen in the eras from the 1930s, 1940, 1950 og 1960. And what we associate with a vintage silhouette is precisely clothes that are sewn so that it flatters and adapts to the shape of the female body. 

Upgrade your wardrobe with vintage clothes 

We have many different customers Mondo Kaos; some just want beautiful, flattering clothes with a feminine cut. Some want to complement their original vintage wardrobe with reproduced clothes, or conversely, the modern wardrobe may lack a feminine vintage touch. 

Red pencil dress with art deco details
Beautiful long-sleeved dress in original vintage cut
Green swing dress from Unique Vintage

Mix your vintage wardrobe 

If you prefer new clothes in modern cuts, but you want a beautiful silhouette without it having to look like something from another time, you can do it by just combining and styling the clothes. A beautiful retro dress can easily be combined with e.g. sko with a modern expression. In fact, something beautiful and interesting can actually emerge in the dynamics between the dress's stylish vintage style and a pair of brand new, modern shoes, sneakers or stilettos. But of course the same goes for all vintage garments. Give your imagination free play!

If you need a little help, we also have personal shopping once a month, where we can help you along the way.

Red vintage style blouse with asymmetrical pussy bow

Vintage and vintage style from top to toe

However, it is also beautiful to walk the plank all the way out and carry vintage inspired clothing from top to toe. 

It is perfect to complement its original vintage wardrobe with reproduced vintage clothing. Maybe you love authentic vintage clothes, but it can be difficult to always find clothes in the right size, color ...  

Or the vintage clothes you have are clothes you want to take care of a little, so it is not so everyday capable. 

Many women who have previously grown vintage down to the smallest detail have started buying reproduced clothing. One of the reasons is that the reproduced clothes have gradually been made so true to the vintage style, and then it's just more practical. Eg. it can be unsuitable with "real vintage" if there are small children in the family, for a certain type of work or everyday bike rides in the rain, as it often requires special care that can be quite time consuming. Here, reproduced vintage clothing is absolutely perfect, you can go for just the style you love, and be sure to find something that suits you and the modern everyday life at the same time.

Reproduction by vintage patterns

Certain things, such as cardigans, blouses og pants can be particularly difficult to get hold of, in original vintage condition. One must keep in mind that most people used their clothes for it could not anymore, and it is therefore easier to find a large-flowered swing party dress, than everyday clothes from 1940er, 1950er og 1960s

Especially sko can be be difficult for some to buy vintage. The reproduced shoes are both beautiful and extremely comfortable and made for modern women's feet. Many of ours sko has made with memory foam, and even the high heels can stand and walk most of the day. They are therefore a good choice for the vintage enthusiast who does not want to compromise on comfort.

Black vintage style ankle boots from Miss L four
Red heels from Charlie Stone in vintage style
Miss L Four comfortable high-heeled vintage style shoes in black suede

Maybe you simply like new clothes best, and / or can't bear to go out and dust 'old'. Here you can easily dress in some of all the wonderful brands that have made it a matter of the heart to revive old vintage patterns and recreate the fashion of earlier eras. Here you are always welcome to ask us, we of course know exactly which brands stand for what and how you get exactly the look you want.

Ice skater cardigan- the original retro cardigan from Emmy Design
Long-sleeved shirt blouse with tie
Wide vintage style pants

Buy vintage clothes in Copenhagen 

The choice is yours, you can style and do exactly what you want when it comes to style and fashion. Today, when most people want an individual look, it is obvious to style new and old, or vintage with a modern style, so you get your very own personal look. 

If you feel like adding some real vintage items to your wardrobe, you may want to look for vintage accessories such as brooches, necklaces, bracelets and scarves. Go for colors you love and that you can easily match with the clothes you have in the wardrobe.
Of course you can also shop vintage styles accessoiries with us; Among other things, we have beautiful bracelets and earrings from Rock it Rosie, brooches and necklaces from Australian Erstwilder and the amazing pinup hair flowers which adorns any outfit.
Here in Nørrebro, and close by Mondo Kaos there is everything from thrift stores, to cheap vintage at PRAG and many small finer vintage shops, e.g. Something Else in Elmegade or Transit in Ryesgade. The price difference is often in the brands and in the range. How much time would you spend looking for the gold nuggets? If some have already made it work for you, it is obviously more expensive. 

It is usually a matter of temperament; some love the 'treasure hunt' others would rather be seduced into a more 'curated' vintage look.

Vintage style top with diagonal stripes

The beautiful blouse is suitable for showing beautiful vintage bracelets.

Jacket with peplum

This coat from Miss Candyfloss can be completely unique with a vintage brooch.

t-shirt with retro print

The perfect retro style t-shirt for your beautiful original 1950s swing skirt.


Of course, we think that our personally selected clothes are the most beautiful and what you should go for when you search for reproduced vintage.  

It's different with authentic vintage, which is harder just to find on 'google'. A good tip for vintage online is therefore Instagram, where private sellers and small shops often show their selection. Save your favorite search'tags', such as #vintagekjole or #noveltyvintagekjole or if you want to be sure to also get all the foreign stores use the corresponding English hashtags. That way you also get a delicious feed with the things you get inspired by.

Hopefully you have felt like diving even more into the vintage style and keeping an eye on the wonderful new items we get, and that with this guide we have "dressed you well" to navigate the vast universe of beautiful vintage, retro and vintage style clothing.  

We hope to see you down here and that we can show and guide you in our beautiful vintage styles Mondo Kaos universe.

Dearest regards,

Team Mondo Kaos ❤

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