Flagshipstore brand "The House Of Foxy"

Flagshipstore brand "The House Of Foxy"

The House Of Foxy - Clothing & dresses in Vintage style

The House of Foxy is a British brand that designs and produces high-quality vintage-style clothing, inspired by fashion from the classic periods of the twentieth century, that is, the years from 1925 to 1964 - especially the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s.

Behind The House of Foxy is vintage enthusiast Clare Quartermaine from Huddlesfield, Yorkshire. Clare's infatuation with the vintage universe started when she was 14 years old and bought her first vintage outfit, and the older she got, the greater the infatuation - and the collection of unique vintage dresses and clothes grew steadily! After Clare had children, she experienced that her body type changed. This meant that she no longer fit her vintage clothes, which annoyed her immensely, because as is the case with vintage things, she did not have the opportunity to just buy the specific thing again in a different size.

Fortunately, through her interest in the vintage universe, Clare had gotten to know several local, female designers, and over several conversations, Clare realized that they had all had the same problem with their vintage dresses and outfits after having children. These conversations were the starting point for Clare in December 2009 to found the company that today produces the brand The House of Foxy. The starting point is a passion to create flattering, vintage-inspired clothing for any woman of any figure that makes her feel like a goddess!

In addition to fit, The House of Foxy also values ​​authenticity very highly in their designs, which is why Clare and her team spend a lot of time researching fashion and its development in the various decades and individual years, from waist cuts, drape types and sleeve length to materials and prints . To ensure both authenticity and quality, Clare selects the materials personally, just as she designs all the clothes herself. She has even purchased licenses for several original prints from the 1930s and '40s, which she herself has found in old design books, belonging to the famous antiquated bookseller Potterton Books, located in the small town of Sessay in North Yorkshire.

Some of Clare's beautiful prints from the aw18 as well as the ss19 collections.

It is also worth mentioning that all clothes from House of Foxy are ethically produced, and the vast majority are produced in two small factories in England and Scotland respectively. When you stand with one of Clare's products in your hands, you have no doubt that she puts her soul into the brand, which is a great inspiration for us here at Mondo Kaos!

I Mondo Kaos we have been running House of Foxy since 2014, and we are very proud to be the exclusive dealers of the brand in Denmark!

Clare visited us several times in Copenhagen, Ditte and Clare have even met in Las Vegas, and it is always a great pleasure every time we meet. It should also be no secret that we are as crazy about her person as we are about her designs!

Nov. 2018: Clare, Ditte and Stine met in Copenhagen to look at the spring / summer collection 2019.

Clare is a very likeable woman who has an incredible knowledge of fashion in 'The Golden Era of Fashion'. IN Mondo Kaos we think that House of Foxy are really good at capturing the essence of the different "vintage" decades in their designs, regardless of the garment. That's why we carry a large part of the collection, with a range that includes blouses, trousers, skirts and dresses, in both pencil, swing and tea styles! House Of Foxy is very popular among our customers, who time and again emphasize the fantastic fit, the delicious material and the beautiful, feminine prints!

Ava Dress - the perfect vintage dress

One of our all time bestseller dresses is the Ava dress and it is without a doubt due to the dress’s high quality and absolutely stunning fit that suits any type of figure. Ava is inspired by the late 1930s, which is seen in the simple, time-typical cut, with the a-line skirt, the wide waistline, the light, short puff sleeves and the beautiful, high v-neckline that draws the eye towards the bust without really to show décolleté - in true, elegant vintage style!

We just got five new, beautiful Avas in colors and prints, all of which will be perfect for spring and summer!

Gracie & Grable The dresses - two beautiful dresses in vintage style

The Gracie dress is a feminine and simple dress inspired by the 40s - at the moment we have it in a fantastic floral print in shades of purple and pink, as well as classic black.

The grable dress is another of our classics. The dress has fine details and the high cut is very flattering for the figure and especially highlights the waist. At the moment we have it in stock in Black, navy blue, berry and red, as well as this beautiful "Spring Orient.

Tops & Skirts

We have just received two new skirts in a beautiful turquoise color - the beautiful 40s skirt with "waterfall" effect, as well as the classic Whirlaway skirt. Both super nice for a vintage summer look.

The Keyhole blouse is available in both black, white and this beautiful red color.

Giveaway - Win a Ava Dress

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