Spring news from Palava

Spring news from Palava

We love our spring news, they are always bursting with life in the form of patterns and colors. They report brighter and warmer times while we still wrap ourselves in warm sweaters and shoot ourselves while we warm our fingers on the cardboard mugs of to-go coffee.
While all of our vintage style brands have lovely seasonal news, is Burning one of the brands that, with their ingenuity and playfulness in their own beautiful way, meets spring. 

palavas fine patterns and feminine vintage cuts, are absolutely wonderful, and we know that you have to be quick at the keys to secure your favorite Palava, eg the tiger animals fly away as if they had wings instead of paws.

Vintage style dress with apple blossoms

PALAVA - unique novelty prints

Here Mondo Kaos we love the unique novelty print, which you certainly won't see anywhere else. Burning manages time and time again to create fine and beautiful embroideries with great love for their motifs, whether it be plants, animals or people who are portrayed. 

There is something for every style, both animals and flowers, and patterns for those who just want a little more bang on the colors.

Their knit is always expected with excitement and triggers great enthusiasm among both us and our customers, who can not get enough of the wonderful quality and the fantastic colors and embroidery. Snares is so versatile and can be worn with anything, whether it's a pair jeans or a real vintage outfit.

Cardigans with large back embroidery

We get three different ones cardigans home in the beautiful organic cotton with the most beautiful back embroidery. First there is the parrot sweater. The cardigan is a beautiful clear, almost turquoise blue color with a off-white rib with coral colored away. The parrot has outstretched wings and is in coral and light blue, with a bit of contrasting green. This one is perfect with your neutral bottoms where it really lights up.

Vintage style tiger cardigan

The tiger is with beige and navy, kept in more neutral colors. Down along the sleeves there is a beautiful checkered pattern, and on the back the beautiful tiger which breaks the neutral with its orange and rust-colored shades. This cardigan can be easily combined with both the beige and navy colors, as well as stronger colors.

Peacock embroidery

The last sweater has a very beautiful back embroidery of a peacock with fully unfolded feather splendor. The fascinating peacock feathers are in wonderful contrast to the cardigan base color in coral. The small away in navy, makes it ideal to combine this with eg one skirt in red or navy, or a few width pants.

Coral-colored cradigan with peacock
Cardigan knitted with tiger
Cardigan with parrot embroidery

Palava - family owned vintage design 

Burning is a small family-owned company based in London, based on the designer Bryony's beautiful imaginative patterns and prints. 

1950er novelty 

Burning stands for vintage style with a sprinkle of British playful charm, and the clothes are based on classic vintage cuts. Inspired by vintage designs, Bryony also creates the characteristic and imaginative prints and embroideries that are characteristic of Burning.
For new ideas, Bryony likes to be inspired by 1950s vintage novelty prints, and themes such as music and dance, as well as of flora and fauna in the form of beautiful animal and leaf prints.

Vintage style patterns from Palava 

Scallop pattern and tie loop

This year we have got two really beautiful knit blouses home, with patterns that were widely used in the 1930s and 1940s knitwear. One has the famous 'scallop' (mussel) pattern, in fine arches in dusty green and beige. The other has an angle pattern in 'chevron' style. 

Short-sleeved vintage style knit

Likewise with the beautiful 'scallop' / bow pattern, but without a bow detail, the two short-sleeved blouses are in resp. coral and light blue. They are high-necked and thus have a classic vintage knit shape. 

Both blouses have ¾ long sleeves, a rib in off-white and a beautiful tie detail, which you can also find in vintage knit. The last short-sleeved blouse is in wavy stripes in coral, turquoise blue and beige. Palava's sweaters in beautiful patterns are a big hit in the store, and with their glorious color combinations, they can light up any vintage outfit. They are perfectly styled with e.g. Riviera pants from, or a fine A-line skirt.

Scallop knit blouse
Cardigan chevron 1930s pattern

Sustainability and organic cotton at Palava  

palavas cotton used for all their knits is not only certified organic, it is also both grown and spun in Turkey. In the end, it is also in Turkey that cotton blouses and cardigans are made, so it is the specialists who take care of the beautiful cotton cardigans all the way from the field to the finished cardigan. 

On the whole, Palava places great emphasis on sustainability, and has taken a number of precautions to produce as environmentally friendly as possible while at the same time having a strong focus on employee welfare. All dresses, skirts og trouser suits being sewn at a small factory on the outskirts of London. Also, Palava packs their clothes in biodegradable bags, rather than plastic; a small step towards a plastic free future.

Apple flower print dress

Spring dress from Palava 

Burning is especially known for their beautiful A-line and shirt dresses with beautiful novelty print. It is dresses made from the finest sustainable quality fabrics, and with lots of expression, we also guarantee that your Palava dress will make you smile every time you put it on. 

The spring dress from Palava has a v-neckline, a wide waist piece and a flattering A-shape. It is comfortable and versatile, and then it has the most enchanting print of white apple blossoms and leaves strewn across a light pastel green background. A true spring pearl.

More beautiful knit with animal embroidery 

As many as seven cardigans we have got home in the beautiful 'novelty' style with the fantastic colorful embroideries, where the embroideries are placed on the front of the cardigan. 

Both beautiful and fun are, for example, those with lobster or colorful insects or the orangutan that swings in a vine. There are the 2 bird embroideries; the pink flamingos or peacocks. The beautiful flower vine on a beige background, and last but not least the famous Palava tiger which jumps elegantly over the collarbone of the cardigan's wearer. 

Blue knit with flamingo embroidery
Stitch with peacock embroidery
Knit cardigan with embroidery
Knit blouse with orangutan embroidery

Do you already have a Palava favorite? We find it difficult to choose just one, but whichever Palava you choose, we are sure that it will give you great clothing joy and welcome spring sensations.

Best wishes

Team Mondo Kaos ❤

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