Spring sensations 🌸

Who does not love spring? We have gone through all the dark time, and had so many layers on, you have had to calculate extra time to get out the door. But now you can feel where the daylight has increased, the air has become milder and here and there small flowers peek out. 

Spring also means lighter clothes and brighter colors, and here in Mondo Kaos does it mean news, lots of beautiful, fabulous, exquisite, sexy and breathtaking news, and that from head to toe.

Zoe Vine

It will not really be spring and summer without us getting beautiful pencil, A-line and swing dresses Home from Zoe Vine. 

Check out the beautiful lilac Bonnie which has also come in green. Or what about the swing dress Ivy in pink or light blue? Here you get a really beautiful and feminine dress from Zoe Vine. The dress has a soft round neckline reminiscent of a sweetheart neckline, but softer and more rounded. The dress sits beautifully up to the upper body, with a focus on a waisted hourglass look, and the waist is emphasized with a narrow accompanying belt while the skirt is a real swing skirt with lots of movement.

Spring Swing Dresses From Zoe Vine

 April is a classic pencil dress with a super flattering boat neckline which comes in black and red and last but not least there is the pencil dress Freida which we have got in several colors which has a super charming asymmetrical china collar.

Ruby is another pencil dress that comes in the colors red and eggplant / dark purple, and together with a beautiful hourglass shape underlined by an accompanying belt, it has a cute high mandarin collar. The short sleeves complement the style and give a sweet and feminine look.

Pencil dresses from Zoe Vine

Shoes from Miss L Fire

You must have, of course sko for your spring outfit, and for that we have two brands of news that we start with Miss L Four. 

Miss L Fire
is by now an old acquaintance at Mondo Kaos, and they are always able to deliver in colorful features when it comes to the shoe wardrobe. This year we will get two multi-coloured shoes/sandals in the style Lorena and Annie. 

Lorena is a peep-toe sandal that is tied elegantly around the ankle, in the style of a former favorite Loretta. The sandal is sewn at the front of three pieces gathered in the middle of a yellow ring. The three pieces are in different colors; blue, red and green. Lorena also comes in classic black. 

In addition, there is Annie; an open shoe / closed sandal with four panels and with a beautifully detailed multicolored pattern which gives a look to the forefoot. The shoe is open on the side, and thus also suitable for those who do not like open sandals that show toes.

Annie comes in red multi, green multi in suede and in solid white smooth leather. 

Last but not least, we get beautiful sandals with wicker pattern in green and black!

Emmy Design

It should be no secret that each and every season we look forward to receiving this season's collection from Emmy Design. Their cardigans have gradually become a classic with Mondo Kaos - yes, we've taken them all the way back from 2008, so it's been many years now, and we just never get tired of them.

This spring offers 3 different cardigans: 'Peggy Sue', 'Susie Q.' and 'The Delightful Daytime Cardigan'. They come in beautiful spring colors and are perfect in addition to your dresses on days when it is not quite warm enough with the bare arms, or on the cooler summer evenings.  

Peggy Sue and Delightful daytime are in a wonderful wool quality, while Susie Q, who is in cotton and model, is for those who do not tolerate or are sensitive to wool, or are looking for a vegan alternative.

In addition, we have got the most beautiful dresses and shirts in beautiful spring colors and prints.

The Seamstress of Bloomsbury

If you are looking for real vintage inspiration, you will find it right here, at the beautiful English brand with roots in it 1940s designs. The absolutely wonderful Pip dress is a A-line dressa most beautiful 40s style. It has beautiful dot decorations that imitate pearls and it really sits like a dream. It is available in both black and green. Wear it with red shoes and the beret for a real vintage look, or what about white shoes such as the new ones Miss L Fire?

There is also the beautiful, feminine Eva dress. You have long been crazy about the Eva shirt, and now all the benefits of the Eva shirt are gathered in one dress version! A beautiful solid color dress in navy, with the finest sewing detail at the shoulders and tie loop.

Nordic Shoepeople

Are you not quite to the open sko yet so do not forget the beautiful lace-up shoe from Nordic Shoe People. We have it in brown and black suede. Also of course there is the closed sandal Asta in gold and navy. We also have the classic T-strap shoes in red and black that are perfect for this time of year.

MORE spring news ...

Here Cassandra shows some of the beautiful spring pastels. 

Look past the store and find out how to best style your spring look.

As always, we get new items every week, and right now dresses from Emmy Design and Palava as well as the finest shirts from Very Cherry. 

We look forward to seeing you in Mondo Kaos.

Spring greetings,

Team Mondo Kaos ❤

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