Mondo Kaos Autumn collection 2020

Mondo Kaos Autumn collection 2020

How do I style my vintage fall wardrobe?

Autumn is just around the corner, and it's time to crawl inside or at least jump in a few extra layers when we go outside. Maybe we pack the thin summer dresses away for this year, along with the sandals and the thin shirt blouses.

Autumn news at Mondo kaos

It's time to put on warmer clothes, but maybe still with the possibility of more layers depending on what the whimsical autumn brings us.

Here Mondo Kaos we are always looking forward to the new season items, a new season always means new colors and designs, and reunion with old acquaintances in new colors and patterns.

Vintage fashion in the beautiful colors of autumn

Let's start with the beautiful color palette of autumn. Autumn begs for the more burnt colors, warm, cozy colors. Colors that reflect nature as it looks now, right from the warm wine red shades, over spruce green, mustard yellow and all colors in between. Another autumn favorite is typically teal also called petroleum colored, and purple will also be to be found just as all shades of brown over to orange are also seen for autumn.

In addition, there are always the classics, red, gray, navy blue and black, which we of course also get home this season because they are timeless and because they can be styled together with all the beautiful autumn colors and of course can always be used in a classic vintage look.

Soft and inviting materials in this autumn's Vintage fashion

Another characteristic of autumn clothes is that they are no longer the light fabrics we are looking for, instead we feel like fabrics and materials that seem invitingly warm and nice, and radiate warmth.

A material that typically belongs to autumn is velor, and we always have beautiful velor dresses in our autumn range. See for example the beautiful Hollywood dress from Very Cherryor Zoe Vine's Camilla dress that is worn in both green and purple, all in the most beautiful soft velor.

Shaped velor dress in purple from Zoe Vine

Velor dress in blue from Very Cherry

Shaped velor dress in green from Zoe Vine

The essential garment of autumn; a vintage style cardigan

Autumn is the time when elasticity makes its big comeback. We feel like warm, soft layers, and nothing is more beautiful than wool and cotton knit to match the many vintage skirts and pants.

An autumn must-have is a wonderful vintage cardigan from Emmy Design or Palava. Both brands make new styles and colors suitable for each new season, and everyone who has had one cardigan from either Emmy Design or Palava know how beautiful and versatile they are. They are also perfect for giving your clothes an extra vintage touch, as they are made according to original vintage patterns.

Palava always comes with beautiful colors and patterns for their bubbly cardigans and knit. They also have a large fan base among our customers, and often disappear as quickly as we get them. For autumn, they are of course in the most beautiful autumn palette with shades such as ocher, terracotta and storm gray, all mixed with neutral tones such as raw white and navy, so they are easy to style. Of course, they also have the expressive animal embroidery that we love Palava for.

From The House of Foxy we have the good kending: cable knit cardigans. The cardigan is in true 40s cut, it is cut to the waist and thus the perfect companion for your vintage autumn look. We even have a nice beret house that matches the green model.

Knit blouses in Retro style

In addition to our popular cardigans we also have a selection of retro knit tops to keep you warm through fall & winter.

The House of Foxy has the famous cable knit sweater, which is exactly the right, short length for all our high-waisted vintage skirts & pants, and then we have it in several beautiful autumn colors. As always with The House of Foxy the blouse is inspired by authentic knit patterns from the 1930s and 1940s also the blouse is in a soft wool blend.

Of course, we have also received lots of estimates Palava knit home. Palava's cotton is 100% organic and grown and spun in Turkey. Palava's knitwear is characterized by its playful color combinations, beautiful embroidery and whimsical designs. In the more neutral palette, this year we have chosen a wonderful solid-colored strict top with a cute hole pattern, and the beautiful wavy striped blouse in two color combinations, a warmer and a colder palette. Of course we have many more beautiful knit blouses in the store.

Knit blouse in green from The House Of Foxy

Clara knits a blouse Palava

Retro knit blouse from palava

Classic trousers in vintage style

Our large selection of vintage style trousers will also really come into their own from the autumn onwards. The pants from The House Of Foxy is a true bestseller and is super nice to match with our autumn knitwear or shirts. All our trousers sit beautifully and high-waisted, and come in the most beautiful colors, as well as the neutral black and navy.

Wide pants in navy blue from The House Of Foxy

Swing pants in navy blue from The House Of Foxy

Red pants with wide legs from The House Of Foxy

A classic vintage look with pencil skirts and pencil dresses

You can get a perfect autumn look with the many beautiful pencil dresses and skirts, of which we always have a large selection. But a pencil dress from e.g. Zoe Vine, you get a beautiful tight-fitting dress that really highlights the hourglass figure. Its strong material makes it perfect for fall, and can be used for many occasions. Styled with a pair of pumps, it is perfect for parties, and styled with one cardigan you create the perfect vintage look for everyday.

Margot dress in eggplant from Zoe Vine

Caroline dress in red from Zoe Vine

Elizabeth in navy from Zoe Vine

The beautiful pencil skirts have the advantage that you can wear many different tops, and thereby renew your vintage outfit just with a new blouse. For the pencil skirts, we have, for example, the beautiful long-sleeved shirt blouses from The House of Foxy and The Seamstress Of Bloomsbury, which we always get in beautiful new colors. This, of course, includes a vintage style cardigan so you can keep warm.

Pencil skirt in vintage style from The House Of Foxy

Vintage shirt from House Of Foxy

Navy Blue pencil skirt in vintage style from The House Of Foxy

Beautiful shirt dresses in vintage style for autumn

This season we have got the absolutely perfect shirt dress with 3/4 long sleeves from Zoe Vine. We have them in three beautiful colors as well as one in checkered which is generally something we associate with autumn and winter.

Blue long-sleeved shirt dress from Zoe Vine

Purple shirt dress from Zoe Vine

Green long-sleeved shirt dress from Zoe Vine

In addition, we have the popular shirt dresses from Very Cherry back in stock.

Furthermore, we have got the very beautiful new shirt dresses from The House Of Foxy which is in a really nice cut in three different colors as well as a beautiful floral.

Red shirt dress from House Of Foxy

Green floral shirt dress from House Of Foxy

Turquoise Shirt Dress from house of foxy

Patterns for autumn - vintage checkered and tartan

We’ve been on it already, but dice are just always good for the cold months. It is super classic, elegant and then it is a pattern that everyone can wear, as it seems completely neutral on the eye, but still gives a little life to monochrome outfits.

We all have shades of dice and tartan in vintage style, Rooster feather tern, or the so-called houndstooth, Prince of Wales dice, petitatern and then of course tartan which is always multicolored. If you otherwise do not use much pattern in your wardrobe, we really recommend trying checkered, and no season is better for it than autumn.

Checkered shirt dress from Zoe Vine

Checkered aline skirt from Very Cherry

Checkered Shirt Dress from very cherry

Autumn and Winter coats in vintage style

Now, of course, we also need outerwear and warm coats. This year, our selection of vintage coats consists of especially beautiful princess coats. A classic princess coat, is a waistcoat coat, with a large collar / hood collar and with full width from the waist down. This is the perfect feminine coat and it gives you plenty of space when you wear your swing skirts or dresses. The coats are available in several beautiful autumn shades, and are perfect both for everyday use and for a walk in the autumn forest with its falling foliage followed by hot cocoa.

This year we get the most beautiful coat, including a quilted style in dark burgundy and navy blue, but also a delicious warm orange. It will be hard to pick just one favorite!

Vintage winter coat in red

Black vintage coat with hood

Orange vintage coat with hood

Accessories for Autumn

Of course, autumn also has its own accessories, even quite a few, it's actually your opportunity to really style a perfect vintage look. Now is the time for gloves, hats, scarves, also of course our beautiful exclusive range of Rock It Rosie accessories in all the beautiful autumn colors.

For autumn and winter, we carry a small and exclusive selection of, for example, berets in beautiful autumn colors and gloves from Rhanders Gloves in soft lambskin.

We are always happy to give styling tips from us, but just two accessories in the same color can really bring together an outfit. Just like matching your shoes to a piece of clothing or an accessory, will also give a beautifully uniform vintage look.

We look forward to seeing you in Mondo Kaos, and to show you all our beautiful vintage and retro autumn clothes.

Loving greetings,
Team Mondo Kaos ♥

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