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Mondo Kaos takes over Daisy Dapper

As most of our customers and followers have probably already seen and heard, have Mondo Kaos since the turn of the year 2022 took over the fantastic retro brand Daisy Dapper. Mondo Kaos owner Ditte, who has run Daisy Dapper since the beginning, jumped right in when Matilda from Daisy Dapper contacted Ditte with the offer to take over.

We are super excited and looking forward to continuing Daisy Dapper in the spirit of Matilda, and that's exactly why we would like to tell you a little about the brand's history, as well as how it all began for Matilda, who at a very young age was inspired to start her own business.

A trip to Las Vegas

Matilda had been to Las Vegas, where she had fallen in love with the 50's pin up style. She thinks something similar was missing in her hometown Stockholm, and therefore she opened the store Daisy Dapper.

The name she came up with because she had always been crazy about the name Daisy, which is also a flower, and because she associated it with the 50s. Dapper means petit, lively and neat, something she felt suited her well, and so the name just sounded good; Daisy Dapper! She opened the store in 2010, but with the desire to create her very own, the first Daisy Dapper collection saw the light of day already in 2012.

Marilyn, Dita and old photos

Mathilda found inspiration for the look in Daisy Dappers collections from both the old Hollywood movies, but also today's famous pin up girls like Dita von Tease, and not least Matilda's grandmother's photo albums. The idea was that the style should be feminine and vintage classic, and that all women should be able to feel comfortable in the clothes.

This is how clothes are made

Daisy Dappers collections are being produced at a family-owned sewing studio in Vietnam, which Matilda has been in close contact with from the very beginning. From design and sewing to the selection of fabric and material. When Matilda in 2021 with her third child on the way decided that now it must be time to say goodbye to the heart child Daisy Dapper, she contacted Ditte, to offer her to take over the business.

Daisy Dapper in-house brand at Mondo Kaos

For a number of years, Ditte has had the desire to start an 'in-house' brand, so when Matilda offered Ditte to take over Daisy Dapper, it felt like the right thing to do.

Daisy Dapper has always had her very own unique style, and that is of course something we want to respect and preserve. But when we offer new collections in the future, we will also look at what suits us and our customers Mondo Kaos, and therefore you will also get to see earlier designs with a touch of Mondo Kaos'. We are already in full swing and look forward to presenting you with the first collection this spring.

New vintage design from Daisy Dapper

Today on the blog we will show you some of the classic Daisy Dapper styles on a model who has always loved Daisy Dapper, namely Danish Miss Confetti.

A brand new model is the beautiful Connie model, which is a classic pencil dress with decorative buttons and a beautiful figure-hugging look. In the darker colors, it can be styled beautifully in a cool pin up look, as well as a toned down everyday look, depending on which accessory you style with. This is the last style that Matilda designed and which has not been launched before.

Classic Daisy Dapper

There is the elegant Emma dress, which in the rust-brown color with a lighter contrast, has a light 60s touch, and will especially look beautiful for all the chestnut, reddish-brown, red-haired, and red-blonde vintage-loving women. It is a classic that has been a part of Daisy Dapper's collections for a long time.

And last but not least, the beautiful Marilyn dress. There is no doubt at all where the inspiration for the beautiful swing dress comes from. The dress focuses on a lush hourglass figure, with a beautiful cut around the chest and hips and a waist piece that fits snugly and with an accompanying belt puts full focus on the female form. This dress is probably one of the designs that characterizes Daisy Dapper the best, and therefore there is no doubt that this is a model that you will see again in future collections.

Follow the process ...

In February 2022, Matilda gave birth to her 3rd child, and we congratulate the family increase and look forward to following what the future holds for Matilda and her fine family.

And then we're just really looking forward to the new adventure with Daisy Dapper. We will of course update regularly, and we hope you will join the journey ❤️

Warmest regards,

Team Mondo Kaos

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  • Anna Rendil

    Looking forward to seeing your styles. Hope you will make some swing dresses in larger sizes, from 2XL and up, also like the new Connie pencil dress in a swing model