The perfect cocktail dress for Christmas and New Year 2020 🌟

The perfect cocktail dress for Christmas and New Year

December is probably the month of the year when we have the most festive events in the same month, and especially on the last night of the year, we want to shine with the fireworks in the sky!

This year we say goodbye to the 10s and go into the 20s, and whether you go for an elegant, sexy or sweet New Year look, we are sure that we have more fantastic cocktail dresses that you will both feel beautiful and comfortable in so you can can pour the champagne and jump into the new year and decade in style!

In this blog post we talk about:

our selection of cocktail dresses to New Year 2020

  • styling your New Year's dress in Mondo Lady style

Mondo Kaos' selection of cocktail dresses for Christmas & New Year parties.

There are many different ways to celebrate New Year and many different kinds of New Year celebrations and traditions. That's why we've put together a selection of our wonderful cocktail dresses that we think are especially suitable for celebrating the last night of the year!

A-line glitter dress in beautiful 60s style from Marmalade

If you're looking for a glitter dress that can radiate battle with the fireworks, then this is the amazing 60er-inspired A-line dress from Marmalade you are looking for! An absolute dream of one classic cocktail dress! The figure-hugging cut highlights your shapes in the most beautiful way and creates a beautiful silhouette with a defined waist! It is made in red glitter, gold glitter and black glitter and is sure to give you attention when you step into any room!

The Hayworth dress from The House of Foxy.

The Hayworth dress from The House Of Foxy is a stunning pencil dress that exudes classic elegance and sophisticated cocktail parties in 40s high society. The cut creates the classic hourglass silhouette and frames your curves in the most beautiful way, while the flattering draping effect in the skirt hides any lines and helps to define the silhouette further! A fantastic cocktail dress that will probably make you stand out for the New Year's party!

Lana cocktail dress from The House Of Foxy.

Lana is an elegant pencil dress with a beautiful peplum skirt, mandarin collar and a nice keyhole neckline that puts discreet focus on the bust. The cut frames the whole figure, the peplum skirt hides any lines and the material has a light stretch, which gives a great fit! A wonderful cocktail dress, which definitely attracts attention in the most elegant way!

Pencil dress in mustard yellow & gold from Miss Candyfloss.

If you are looking for a formal cocktail dress with a small sparkle, then this beautiful pencil dress is from Miss Candyfloss just something for you. It is made in this season's most popular color, mustard yellow (mustard) and has a very beautiful boat-shaped collar in gold-colored satin that highlights the collarbone and neck in the most beautiful way! The dress is inspired by Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe and her sophisticated style.

Pencil dress in black with half long sleeves from Miss Candyfloss.

If you love the beautiful satin collar, but prefer a dress with sleeves, then we also have the pencil dress with satin collar in black. It is tailor-made, frames the body in the most beautiful way, and then it has a practical slit in the skirt for good movement. A very elegant cocktail dress, which fits perfectly with a pair of long satin gloves, cigarette butts and red lipstick in true Marilyn Monroe style!

Swing dresses in several colors from Unique Vintage.

Delores the dress from Unique Vintage is one of our classics. A very flattering swing dress with beautiful draping in the neckline, which has a slightly enlarging effect and frames the bust very elegantly! It has a wide waist piece that helps to define the waist, and a beautiful swing skirt that rounds off the hip and has room for a petticoat below - the perfect cocktail dress for the dance party!

Hourglass Swing dress from The Pretty Dress Company.

If you are going to celebrate the new year for a dance party, then the Hourglass dress is off The Pretty Dress Company the dress you are looking for! An elegant, classic dress in the iconic New Look cut, which creates the famous hourglass silhouette with the flattering V-shaped neckline, the small sleeves, the defined waist and the full swing skirt! Wear it with one petticoat below to create the ultimate hourglass silhouette and to attract all the attention on the dance floor! The dress is currently available. in 6 different colors.

The Hourglass dress from The pretty dress company

Hourglass Pencil dress in velor from The Pretty Dress Company.

We also have the beautiful Hourglass dress from The Pretty Dress Company in a pencil model, and now also with elbow-long sleeves - and then it is made in the most beautiful red velvet! It is tailored, waist-cut, has a beautiful V-shaped neckline and a nice draping detail on the side, which helps to define the waist and at the same time highlights the hip and hides any lines at the belly. A fantastic cocktail dress that exudes elegance and glamor, and which will definitely attract attention to your New Year's party!

Velor pencil dress

The classic Billion Dollar dress from Stop Staring!

Billion Dollar dress from Stop Staring! is one of our all time bestsellers cocktail dresses i Mondo Kaos! It's a sexy, tight cocktail dress in a figure-hugging cut that highlights all the shapes in the most beautiful way, and with a challenging neckline that puts full focus on the bust! The small, elastic puff sleeves give the dress a playful look and make it suitable for many different types of festive events! An absolutely fantastic dress, in a cut that suits all body types and sizes!

Dresses from Stop staring

The beautiful Harlow dress Stop Staring!

A sophisticated cocktail dress in two colors - the top is dark green and the skirt is black. It is a beautiful waist-cut dress in a tailored cut, with a beautiful empire stitching under the bust that has a slightly enlarging effect. The cut, the colors and a small belt detail define the waist very beautifully, and all the shapes of the figure are highlighted. On the right shoulder, there is an eye-catching satin bow that gives the dress an elegant, playful look! On the back of the skirt there is a slit, for good movement!

Harlow pencil dress from Stop Staring

The classic Mad Men swing dress from Stop Staring!

Mad Men swing dress from Stop Staring! is a classic cocktail dress, suitable for all occasions! The dress creates a beautiful hourglass silhouette, and there is a special focus on highlighting the bust and waist. The bust is framed and highlighted by beautiful pleats in the upper, and the waist is beautifully defined by the waist-cut cut and the beautiful swing skirt! There is room for one petticoat under the skirt, if you want extra volume and a more playful expression, however, the dress can easily be worn without, giving it a more elegant look.

Mad dresses from Stop Staring

Pencil dress in glitter lurex from The Pretty Dress Company.

If you love glitter dresses, but prefer a dress with a small sleeve, then the Hourglass dress in glitter lurex is just the thing for you! An absolute dream of a cocktail dress that creates the iconic hourglass silhouette in a sparkling way! This is the perfect dress for your New Year's party! The glam button has been completely screwed up and you are absolutely sure to become the brightest star in the winter sky in this dress, whether you are into the beautiful dark green color or the elegant silver color!

Lurex dresses from The Pretty Dress Company

Styling your Christmas or New Year dress in Mondo Lady Style

Once you have found the perfect New Year's dress, it's time to complete your outfit! In true Mondo Lady style, we give you here our best styling tips from the store for a fabulous New Year look:

Nylon stockings with seams - the finishing touch.

Tights with seams from What Katie Did


Socks with stitches from what katie did

Socks with nails are a must-have for your New Year's look! Stitched socks add elegance and sex appeal - and then the stitching lengthens the legs! We have a good selection of both stockings for suspenders and tights with seams in several colors and sizes, also in plus size!

Hip holders with shape effect from What Katie did

These hip holders from What Katie Did has as many as 2 functions. There is the practical part - that they can keep socks up, but in addition they also have a slight shape effect over the stomach. And then they're just super cool!

We also have the beautiful "waist chincers" that close with clasps and have a great effect if you want the beautiful hourglass figure.

Beautiful shoes for your Cocktail dress

You will also find the perfect New Year's shoes for your dress with us, and we have beautiful party shoes and dance shoes from Lola Ramona, Miss L Fire og Nordic Shoe People in several colors and models!

Gold shoes from Miss L Fire

Gold is one of this winter's great colors, and we have three models in different gold tones from Miss L Fire! We have the classic Amber in matt gold and red-gold, and then we have the new Layla in a beautiful, metallic gold color.

Amber gold pumps from Miss L Fire

Amber is a celebrity in Mondo Kaos, and it's one of our favorite shoes because it works for everything: work, dancing, mingling at cocktail parties or a romantic walk watching the fireworks together, arm in arm. It has a perfect heel height and good support in the forefoot, so it is really good to walk with and stand in.

Layla gold pumps from Miss L Fire

Layla is a new model from L'Fire, in metallic gold! It is a classic shoe with a beautiful heel cape shaped like a seashell and an extremely flattering V-neckline that extends both foot and leg! They are perfect for the New Year's party, where they will definitely light up any dance floor.

Black shoes for party

Black is always in, and of course we also have classic black party shoes that fit perfectly with your cocktail dress, no matter what color it is.

Black amber suede pumps from Miss L Fire

The popular Amber also available in black suede, with the same good heel height and support in the forefoot. A sexy shoe that fits all occasions and is very good for New Year's Eve with dancing and visiting friends!

Lana suede pumps with silver strap

Wool is also a new model from Miss L Fire, with a sexy silver detail on the forefoot that catches the light and attracts attention. With silver-toned jewelry, you can create a stunning look that exudes cocktails, champagne and cigars!

Layla suede pumps from Miss L Fire

The new Layla with the mussel heel cap and the V-shaped neckline is also made in black suede - classic shoe fashion with a beautiful twist that matches all your party outfits and cocktail dresses!  

Clarice suede shoes with low heel

Clarice is also a new model, inspired by the late 1950s / early '60s, and therefore the heel is slightly lower than L'Fire's other models. The design extends the foot and calf, and the design makes them great to walk in - wear them with a 60s-inspired cocktail dress, set hair à la 'bee hive' and large jewelry for a classic 60s party look!

Black mary jane lacquer shoes from Lola Ramona

If you like 60s fashion, we also have beautiful black patent leather shoes from Lola Ramona! A completely classic Mary Jane model with strap and a small heel that is perfect for the mini dress! These are the shoes you should go out dancing Go-Go in, New Year's Eve! The shiny, black lacquer fits well with all outfits, while at the same time being the perfect party shoes for your cocktail dress!

Suede shoes from Nordic Shoepeople

Nordic ShoePeople has also made a pair of beautiful 60s-inspired shoes this season: Frida. Classic suede shoes with T-strap and the best comfort! Nordic ShoePeople are known for their comfortable insoles, which make the shoes very suitable as dance shoes! The fine T-strap gives the shoes a playful look that fits perfectly with the New Year, where something fun and surprising always happens!

Red shoes for party

Red shoes are a classic and we believe that all girls and women should own at least one pair of red shoes! For this season, we have two red pairs of shoes that are completely different! Classic red suede and burgundy lacquer!

Red suede pumps from Miss L Fire

We've got Amber from Miss L Fire in the most beautiful ruby ​​red suede that immediately makes us think of Dorothy and Oz! A pair of very beautiful shoes in a classic design with beautiful details that are just waiting to be allowed to dance the new year in with you!

We have also got Frida from Nordic ShoePeople in an elegant, burgundy 'wrinckle' lacquer that fits perfectly with your subdued, sexy New Year's look! With a black cocktail dress and dark red lipstick, you can create a sexy look that exudes the challenging, sexy style of the 60s!


When you go outside to watch the fireworks at 00 and shoot champagne corks off, it can be nice with a little bolero on, to keep warm so you can enjoy the view of the sky while still looking great. We have a nice, short-sleeved bolero from House of Foxy in several different colors and sizes that fits perfectly with your New Year's look, so you look stylish all evening - even when it's time for cigar and champagne!

If you still think you lack a little inspiration for your personal New Year's look 2020, then come by us in the shop on Birkegade. Here we are always ready to help you with advice and tips for styling, whether you are looking for a party look in authentic 1940s, 1950s or 1960s style or a modern look with full focus on highlighting your feminine shapes in classic style!

We hope you all have a party and come well - and well-dressed - into the new year 2020!

Kind regards, Team Mondo Kaos

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