Authentic Beauties 1st part

 Ida and Lisette

We have long had the idea to show you our news as well as classics on different types of women in professional photos.

Something we always want to show in Mondo Kaos is that we are a clothing store for all women. Young, old, xs to Plus size, high-low, and in general everyone who wants to dress in clothes that are flattering for the female body.

That is why we are also always super happy for photo reviews, other photos you share with us, as well as the photos we take of you in the store because they give other customers the opportunity to perceive the clothes as it looks on different women, and visualize that they can wear something similar. It is with this starting point that we have taken the step further, so today we present you to Ida and Lisette wearing beautiful Mondo styles, in beautiful professional photos.

No two women are alike

We got the idea to do a "fashion shoot" with two beautiful Mondo ladies, to show some of our classics Mondo Kaos clothes, such as the pencil skirt and the Ava dress, on two women who do not in any other way make a living from being photographed. You could say 'ordinary women', but the thing with ordinary frames is not quite as Stine says, she has dressed a great many women in Mondo Kaos, and no two are alike!

With this photo shoot, we will show you all the beautiful clothes of two amazing ladies. We want to show that, despite very different expressions and bodies, they can both wear the same outfit, and completely different. 

Most important of all: that no one should be dictated to or limited by what they can go in but decide for themselves how they want to dress to feel comfortable.

Authentic Beauties

Since we are definitely planning to make more of this type of image in the future, we have chosen to call this set-up 'Authentic Beauties'.

Authentic Beauties covers that the 'models' do not usually stand in front of a camera, that they are women with jobs and everyday life like many others, and first and foremost that we do not with photoshop or filters, try to cover who they are and how they look. The pictures you see here have not received any other treatment than the light has been turned up a bit. That is it. 

Mondo ladies Lisette and Ida

The two women we were so lucky to get on our first shoot are women with lots of fun. Both Lisette and Ida are outgoing women with communicative jobs, and we just wanted you to be able to see that it was women who had it was fun in the pictures and radiated lots of good energy in front of the camera.

It's not just about the clothes sitting and being presented well, it's at least as much about how you feel when you are wearing clothes that both dress and fit you, and maybe even help to express who you are.


We asked Lisette to say a little about herself and about her relationship with clothes.

I am a mother of two, and on a daily basis I am a shampoo pusher with green eco hair products for salons. 35 years. Originally from O-town, but now I live in an old cigar box in Fredensborg, which my husband and I are modernizing. My clothing size has fluctuated up and down from size 12 to 16 the last 4 years due to pregnancies. But no matter the size, I always feel like my most beautiful and best self in Mondo's amazing dresses. Whether it's a very pregnant, a new mother or a boss lady - Mondo is always my go-to store.

Lisette typically walks in A-line. She now owns quite a few Ava dresses and turn-on dresses fra The Seamstress of Bloomsbury.
In the photo shoot, we have also styled both Lisette and Ida in clothes they do not necessarily reach for themselves, precisely to show that you should not be afraid to think outside the box.


"My name is Ida Rud and I'm 39 years old. I'm a trained journalist and a real nerd when it comes to film and music. That's why I'm lucky to have my dream job at Troldspejlet, where I do podcasts, TV and the music program Stegelmanns Score on P2, which is about film music, I also often send music on P6, write articles for newspapers, magazines and in particular Filmmagasinet Ekko.

I live with my boyfriend and love going to the cinema and to concerts with him.

I have participated in two documentary series on DR3, called Tykke Ida and Ida's fat fatcamp, respectively, where I share my life as a fat man - because I have been all my life. Therefore, I have also had an ambivalent relationship with my body and with clothes. As a child and young person, I could never get the clothes that the others wore - or just smart clothes. Over time, I become a teenager and contrarian, so went in mysterious clothes from military surplus warehouses and thrift stores, since I did not fit in anyway. It would take several years before I felt I had to be feminine, even though I did not have an ideal body. But fortunately I have learned that, and I love clothes, but it must stand out a little, because I still do it myself with my interests and my body.

For many years it has been hard to find clothes I could fit, but gradually more and more brands are becoming more inclusive. Because I have been used to forcing my body into clothes that did not really fit, I may get a little confused about what actually fits and is comfortable, but I learn all the time and do not look at the size of the neck and more, how I feel in my clothes - whether I can relax and whether it suits my mood.

My weight fluctuates, but at the moment I am around a size 50-52. Funny enough, my height does not fluctuate, and I'm 175 tall. "

Thanks to both Ida and Lisette for posing and playing with and telling about themselves and their relationship to clothes. Many women can probably nod in recognition of just not fitting into a particular fashion template, and feel that one is therefore wrong. Of course, we are never wrong as women and bodies, but we must look around for some clothes that do not make us feel that way.

When we have asked Lisette and Ida to write their 'size', it is so that you can relate to the fact that size and body type and body understanding are not the same. As Ida writes, just forget the number in the neck! The number is indicative, it is the individual piece of clothing you need to feel comfortable in.

Behind the camera: Nadia von Rikka

Nadia especially focuses on photographing women and female bodies. As she herself writes, she specializes in portraits, nudes and pregnant women.
She photographs all kinds of women, and in all sorts of ways, but common is the perfect in the imperfect. So she does not photoshop away the wrinkles, or smooth out the stretch marks and the orange peel, instead the focus is on a strong and unique expression. We simply think she is really good at making women look beautiful, by being herself.

It is our own Stine who has dressed the two beautiful women. It is not to be seen in the pictures that Ida on a daily basis loves to go in trouser suits and Lisette in Ava and wrap-around dresses. Here Stine shows that the possibilities are much greater than we ourselves just go and think.
Stine has also taken loving care of hair and makeup and of course extra has been done to match the two outfits to each other, but in principle, Stine has only done what she does for customers every single day in the store. She dresses women in clothes that dress them, and has dressed our 'authentic beauties' here, as she dresses everyone who comes to the store and wants our help.

We hope that we have succeeded in showing you that most of our clothes can be worn by many different (body) types, so you should not be afraid to throw yourself into something new.

The next part of our 'Authentic Beauties' series we will present to you next month, where we will focus on the party clothes for the upcoming Christmas parties, and show you lots of fantastic Christmas dresses as well as beautiful new year dresses. We promise that it will be fun and with a guarantee FESTIVAL! 

💖 Team Mondo Kaos 

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